Tags in Microsoft Teams

At times, I get overwhelmed with the data (people, content etc) I need to manage in Microsoft Teams. Strength of Microsoft Teams lies in the fact that it converges rich set of collaboration features in its user interface. However, it becomes its weakness too if the workspace in Microsoft Teams is not managed properly.

Thankfully, Microsoft provides one more means to efficiently categorize people based on their role, skill, location etc. One can create tags and add people in a team. Once a tag is created, you can mention it (@) in a channel to manage content addressed to a set of people. People associated with the tag would receive a notification individually. This feature was released by Microsoft on March 6th 2020.

You can create, modify and delete a tag very easily. Select Teams (left panel) => Find your Team => Click More Options (red circle below) => Click Manage Tags.

You can also manage tags from the option below (red). You can also tag a member from the Teams space itself.

Happy Tagging!

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